LexisNexis® Risk Insights

Improve Risk Selection With Data Driven Insights

Improve insurance risk assessment, make better underwriting decisions and fast-track claims processing with fast, industry-wide insurance data and analytics

Improve Risk Assessment
Powerful data insights enable more accurate underwriting and claims decisions, using historical policy and claims records, including information related to previously declined applications.

Reduce Fraud Waste and Abuse
Mitigate upfront application fraud and accidental information misrepresentation by leveraging industry-wide policy and claims data at the point of underwriting.

Improve business efficiencies and aid workflow automation
Through our big data platform HPCC Systems, automated data transactions can be directly delivered to your underwriting and claims teams.


  • Get a more complete picture of the risk
  • Reduce fraud, waste and abuse
  • Improve efficiencies by integrating LexisNexis® Risk Insights with your workflow
  • Receive powerful data insights in quick response times


  • Covers a comprehensive range of information on the insured, proposer, nominee and legal guardian
  • View a simplified summary of the results for quick and easy analysis
  • Results made available at the point of underwriting or claims

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