Motor Insurance Fraud Prevention

Help identify the likelihood of fraud earlier in the process

Motor Insurance Fraud Advanced Analytics

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Motor claims losses cost the insurance industry and consumers huge sums annually. In 2016, insurance premiums increased by up to 40%, taking into account the number of claims made and loss ratios for insurers. Fraud analytics from LexisNexis helps compare each claim, provider or policy to historical fraudulent patterns, helping to identify the likelihood of fraud earlier in the process.
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Proactively Combat Several Fraud Types

Advanced analytics from LexisNexis help detect several types of fraud including claims, medical provider and premium fraud.

Increase efficiencies

The fraud detection process is automated and standardised to easily compare claim types, provider or policy information to historical fraudulent patterns.

Actionable Insights

Prioritise and organise claims so the most appropriate action can be taken through automated special investigative unit referrals or specialist notification.

Protect Revenue

Minimise the financial impact of fraudulent claims by taking advantage of potential insurance fraud indicators early.