Life Insurance Data and Analytics Solutions
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Life Insurance Data and Analytics Solutions

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The life insurance industry in India is sizeable, complex, multi-channel, and expanding rapidly. As the economy makes rapid strides towards digitisation, the need to understand consumer data better is emerging. 

With proprietary data-linking technology, LexisNexis life insurance solutions can help by providing a comprehensive view of the individual risk being insured.

Life Insurance Solutions enable better consumer risk assessment

Improve your customer workflows

Data and analytics from LexisNexis can help automate your customer workflows. Our unique data assets and scalable technology help improve underwriting application cycle times and claims processing.

Sharpen risk assessment

Powered by our big-data platform HPCC Systems, we help insurers obtain a better understanding of their customer's associated insurance risk. Our unique capabilities enable you to build a clearer picture of your applicant's profile and previous claims history.

Combat fraud and misrepresentation

Insurance fraud costs the industry an estimated $6.25bn per annum, about 9% of premiums. Data from LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps mitigate fraud and can uncover areas of application misrepresentation which may otherwise have been missed.

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity

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